Brazilian Blowout :: Oh my Obsession

Every girl should read this blog post! There is even a chance to win a FREE Brazilian Blowout…see details at the bottom.

A Brazilian Blowout is a natural treatment that smooth’s and takes the frizz out by adding a protein enriched serum on each strand of your hair. There is no damage done to your hair in the process.  In fact it makes your hair healthier than before.

This treatment also cuts down on dry time, style time, and your hair is shinier and healthier than ever before.  I call it the wash & wear hair because you don’t have to do much at all to make it look good every day. I can now get ready in 20 minutes now….It used to take me more than 20 minutes to just dry my hair.

This treatment is only be done by a professional and trained salon stylist.

It takes about 90 minutes to get the complete treatment done, but it lasts up to 12 weeks when using SLS Free Shampoo.

Brazilian Blowout Original or ZERO?

You will have to choose between the Brazilian Blowout regular or ZERO formula.  The regular formula contains Formaldehyde, which deterred me from getting a treatment for many years. The ZERO formula came out about 3 years ago and it contains ZERO Formaldehyde.  The ZERO formula has been perfected over the past 3 years and now lasts up to 12 weeks just like the original formula.

What is the process?

Brazilian Blowout__Step1

Brazilian Blowout__Step2

Brazilian Blowout__Step3

Brazilian Blowout__Step4

Brazilian Blowout__My Results

Do I have to buy the expensive shampoo?

Most stylists will say you must buy the Brazilian Blowout Hair Care line in order to make the treatment last. It is true that a shampoo containing SLS will break down the protein layer making the treatment not last the full 12 weeks.  It is not true that you have to use the Acai Brazilian Blowout line.  Any SLS Free shampoo will treat your hair just fine and provide you 10-12 weeks of healthy frizz-free hair.  Even Trader Joe’s has a great SLS free shampoo that is only $4.99/bottle compared to regularly priced SLS Free Shampoo averaging $20-$45/bottle.

The Brazilian Blowout is highly used by the STARS and the Press talks about it.

Brazilian Blowout_Celebrity

Celebrities like Sienna Miller (left), Ashley Tisdale, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan are reported devotees of the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. (Photo: Associated Press from Examiner Online Magazine)

Find out answers to your most common questions here

This treatment can run from $350-$500 depending on the length of your hair.  If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, you can contact Laura Radillo at Renew Beauty in Northpark Mall for the Brazilian Blowout Original or Zero for just $99. Her number is 214.369.1600.  Mention you heard this from to receive the treatment for only $99.  Expires July 1, 2013.

I am also giving away a FREE Brazilian Blowout to a lucky blog followers. 

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7 thoughts on “Brazilian Blowout :: Oh my Obsession

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  2. I also LOVE the Brazilian Blowout. Not many stylists in Topeka Kansas will do it but I have finally found one that does. I’m in need of having it done again but haven’t had the extra money available. I like your blog. It’s difficult to find any positive reviews for this. Thanks so much for your blog!

  3. How do you do the naturally curly style? That’s what my hair looks like naturally. Won’t this make my curls go away?

  4. I’m thinking of doing the original. my hair is very curly and I have lots of it. I’m on the fence… originally I wanted to do 0 for just the frizz free and shine, but since my stylist says it costs the same I’m thinking maybe I should give it a shot? She said it wears out after 3 months….

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