Green Lemonade :: Bottoms Up!

This is a drink I can say I would have NEVER tried 2 years ago.  I used to be one of the pickiest eaters my friends know, and I believe now most would say I have come a long way the last 2-3 years with the variety of foods in my diet now.

I was very skeptical the first time I heard of mixing greens in your drink and now I seriously crave this drink daily. It is incredibly refreshing and takes so many of my unhealthy food cravings away.

Green Lemonade

I highly urge you to consider trying this drink…I believe it tastes like green lemonade.

Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 2

Green Lemonade


½ Ocean Spray Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice, Light (or pure Cranberry juice not from concentrate…can be a tad tart)

1 Cucumber

1 Large lemon

½ Lime

1 tbsp. Ginger (I buy this already pureed…lasts much longer and easy to add to smoothie)

10-12 Mint leaves

¾ Green apple

2 Large stalks of celery

2-5 Cups Spinach (If you are new to this start out with less…but you’ll soon be adding more)

2 Stevia Packets

Water to taste


Green Lemonade

Wash all produce and prepare for blender.

Cut ends off cucumber, lemon and ½ lime. I also like to cut off part off the rind on the lemon.  I leave about 1/2 the rind on on because of the health benefits.

Place Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice in high-powered blender.

(I use the Vitamix and would highly recommend those who do not have one to look into it.  This is by far my favorite kitchen appliance I have.  I still say every day how amazed I am at the power of this machine. #mostproudpurchaseever).


Place in cucumbers, celery, mint leaves, apple, Stevia, ginger, lemon and lime in blender.

At this time there is usually not enough room for all the spinach I like to add. So I first blend for about 10 seconds to make room for 4-6 cups of spinach.  I open the lid and stuff in as much spinach as I can get to fit.

If you are new to this drink I would encourage you to start with 2 cups and then slowly work your way to 4-6 cups.

Turn back on and blend on high for about 30second to 1 minute, or until fully juiced.

Pour into a glass container and refrigerate up to 2 days. I usually add water to my drink before putting in the fridge to turn out a little thinner.  I personally like to make this drink in the evening so it can cool overnight and is extra cold the next day.  If you want to drink right away, I would shake over ice to make cold quickly.

For easy cleanup, rinse out your blender then fill half way with water. Add a drop of dishwashing soap.  Turn on high for 30 seconds and the take off and do a final rinse.  It is basically a dishwasher in itself!

Green Lemonade

Why I prefer Vitamix/high-powered blender over juicing?

1. Cheaper – You use and consume all the ingredients you put in.  You are not just extracting the juice out of the fruits/veggies and throwing the waste in the trash.

2. Eating the entire part of the veggie/fruit gives you more nutritional ingredients.

3. I believe eating the entire vegetable fills me up more than juicing does…but then again this might just be in my head.

4.  Easy cleanup.  Only 30 seconds in my Vitamix and no dishwasher necessary.

There are many debates and beliefs out there as to weather juicing or blending is better for you.  I think they are both a healthy option as long as you are not living on juice/”green lemonade” alone.

This has been a wonderful way to get my veggies in everyday.

Green Lemonade - Nutritional Information

Green Lemonade - Nutritional Information

Have you made a green smoothie / juice drink before? If so, let me know your thoughts and what you liked about it.



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