DIY Framed Scarfs :: Wall Art

Scarfs have such intricate design and are rich in color, which brighten any room. When you pair old scarfs with the perfect frame you end up with a masterpiece.

I love this idea because the opportunities on color combinations, prints and style choices are endless.

See below for the DIY 4-step instructional guide.

DIY Framed Scarfs DIY Framed Scarf

DIY Framed Scarfs

DIY Framed Scarfs

DIY Framed Scarfs

4-Step Guide to DIY Framed Scarfs

1. Find the frame

Unfortunately scarfs usually don’t fit in standard frames.  Framing an odd size can be expensive, but I would recommend checking out this online wholesale site as well as spray painting an old frame you find or like.  (

2. De-Wrinkle

Make sure all wrinkles are out of the scarf and it is pressed flat.  If ironing, make sure to use the correct heat setting, especially if it is a vintage or silk scarf.

3. Attach Scarf to Frame

IF there is an image on your scarf make sure to center it.

Make sure to pull edges and get all the wrinkles out.

–       Can Pull Scarf around backside and tape

–       Spray glue scarf on cardboard and pull out wrinkles.

–       Use pins to secure to back. Might have to cut the pins shorts with pliers so they are not too long.

4. Display on Wall

If you frame doesn’t already have a place to hang it on the wood, then attach a picture-hanging mount.

You Could also make a Framed Scarf Table or Pillows:

DIY Scarf Pillows

DIY Framed Scarfs Table

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