Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Cake Balls are a special treat and fun to make.  They are the perfect bit size treat for any dinner party dessert.   You can mix and match icing and toppings flavors for a variety of designs.   The crisp, outer shell with a rich and moist cake flavor inside makes this treat irresistible!

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Total Time : 3 hours

Servings:  about 3 dozen balls

(There are many steps to the process, so I would recommend the 2 days process… or doing this with a group of friends.)

Cake Ball Ingredients:

Favorite cake box mix (I used red velvet)

Ingredients on cake box needed in order to make the cake

1 can of pre-made icing

Décor/Topping Ingredients:

*Almond Bark Chocolate Coating

Toppings: Sprinkles/Carmel/Coconut/etc…

Candy Sticks

Crock Pot (easiest way to melt chocolate)

Day 1 Directions:

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Bake the cake & let cool

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Crumble the cake and mix with 1 can of icing.

I suggest using your blender to mix together so there are no large clumps of cake without icing.

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Roll into small balls and place in freezer

I put mine in these small muffin tins or in metal pans in freezer and leave overnight or until I am ready to dip them.   If you want to move directly into the next step you can, but will probably need to wait 15-20 so the cake has a little time to harden to make dipping easier

Day 2 Directions:

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Time to melt the chocolate.  Fill your crock-pot up about half way with water and place chocolate in jars and set in water. If you turn your crock-pot on high the chocolate will take about 20-30 minutes to melt.  I continue to add chocolate to mine before it runs out so I always have enough chocolate melted and it never runs out.

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Take a few cake balls out of the freezer at a time. Dip your stick into the melted chocolate and then into the ball.

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Hold the stick and emerge the ball into the chocolate.  I suggest doing this at an angle so the chocolate cake ball doesn’t fall off into your cup of chocolate. Let excess chocolate drip off and you slowly continue to twist the cake ball.

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

If you want to add sprinkles or toppings do that before it completely dries. If you want to drizzle another chocolate color on top then wait for the chocolate to dry first.

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

Repeat 5-7 until all cake balls have been decorated. Enjoy!

Cake Balls :: Burst of Amazingness

* You can easily find regular almond bark you can find at your local grocery store in chocolate and white. If you desire colored cake balls, then pick up candy melts from JoAnn’s or Michaels…they come in all kinds of fun colors.  Adding food coloring will not work.

If you are thinking about giving someone a box of chocolate you might mix it up this Valentine’s with a box of cake balls. You won’t be able to stop eating them.

**Tips & Tricks**

  1. Use a crock pot to melt chocolate. It keeps it melted for long periods of time with out burning.
  2. 2. Use Styrofoam or card board with holes to let cake balls dry completely after dripping
  3. Make these in the 2 day process if you have time as day 2  can be very tedious with decorating.
  4. Dip the stick in the chocolate before inserting in the cake ball
  5. Only take out of the freezer about 6 cake balls at a time so they don’t melt too much. Even when you freeze them they are not completely frozen because the icing is melted with them.
  6. Do not add milk or water to the almond milk melted chocolate to try and thin it. It will make the coating not work or harden correctly.
  7. After decorating and dipping, store cake balls in refrigerator until party.  Do not freeze cake balls after dipping and decorating them as they will crack.

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