Are you SLS Free? :: Might Want to Check Your Shampoo Label

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a chemical that is used in some common body products as a lathering agent.  It is what stripes your hair from oils and makes your shampoo lather so well.

Sulfate SLS Free Shampoo?

It started out as a heavy-duty detergent as a degreaser in the industrial business. It was not meant to be used on human skin. Today, SLS is one of the most used chemicals in the US.  It is also known to have safety and toxic issues. Multiple studies since 1998 have link it to cancer but it hasn’t been proved therefore FDA has not banded it…. yet.

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Some Facts to Know:

  • SLS stripes all natural oils from your hair.
  • SLS damages hair follicles, which can be a cause of why you lose more hair than normal
  • SLS can stripe your hair of color faster and cause highlights to fade or look more bronzy
  • SLS can make your hair more fizzy
  • SLS dries out your hair and takes away its natural shine.
  • Can cause skin and scalp to itch
  • The chemical toxins in SLS can also penetrate through the skin into your system.

I’ve noticed brands like Dove shampoo and Herbal Essenes make my head itch.  I never knew why but always steered clear to them. Know I link SLS to the factor.  I can also definitely tell I don’t lose as much hair in the shower now I am SLS Free.

Some of my favorite SLS Free shampoos:

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.08.42 PM

Remember since SLS free doesn’t foam as much doesn’t mean it isn’t cleaning your hair or that you need to use twice as much.

Let me know what your favorite SLS free shampoo is!


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8 thoughts on “Are you SLS Free? :: Might Want to Check Your Shampoo Label

  1. I started reading about SLS about this a month ago and I seriously threw out everything that had that gross ingredient in it. It was in everything! Soaps, body washes, shampoos, I was floored! One of the other main reasons why I threw it out was because it was causing my acne. My face has cleared up dramatically since I got rid of it. I hope they throw that ingredient away for good.

    • Painted Lady – I have bad acne too, and I’m 27 😦 I am just now reading this article (via pinterest :)) What did you stop using on your face specifically that cleared up your skin? What do you use now? Thanks! 🙂

      • Hi – I actually use NuSkin face wash and then put coconut oil and vitamin E on my face at night to moisturize my skin.
        If you have bad acne, I would try dissolving an aspirin it into a paste and putting on your trouble areas. I have had friends do this and it has helped them.
        Another suggestion is to put honey on half a lemon and rub on your face. The lemon is acidic and then honey helps to heal the skin. Leave on 20 min then rinse off.

        (If you want to know more about NuSkin face wash, email me at and I will get you more details from my friend.)
        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Sulfate free shampoos are lather-free, so they are not supposed to bubble. I do find that with SFS free shampoos I have to work a little harder to scrub my roots…..for about 90 seconds. I normally have very curly hair that is dry so switching for me has helped retain my natural moisture & shine.
      I know Paul Mitchell has a SLS free shampoo that does bubble a lot. I have not used it but could be worth trying. Thanks for your feedback!

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