diy eye make-up remover :: better than store bought?

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First let me say I love coconut oil.  It has so many health benefits…which I will have a post shortly about that.  I cook with it and use it on my face and body.  I really don’t think you can find a more versatile product.

I switch eye-make up remover brands a lot…and never satisfied.  Sometimes I feel like my eyes burn, to dry or way too greasy.

All that being said…I decided to try a mixture with coconut oil and it was a HUGE success. (see recipe below)


Caroline, Thank you for testing it out as well!


ALL mascara and eye make-up removed in less than 30 seconds.


  • 1/4  –   1/2 tsp coconut oil    (use less if you want it less oily…but remember coconut oil is good for your skin)
  • 1.5 tbsp  baby shampoo
  • 1 Cup water (I used filtered or spring)
  • Glass Jar to store solution in


Pour all ingredients into my glass jar, closed the top and shook it up until mixture is dissolved. Use round or square cotton pads to drip in solution and wipe off eyes.

As I mentioned….I am never using anything else again.  This is so easy to make and works better than all the expensive brands I’ve bought before.   I’d love to hear your success stories and comments.  I hope you enjoy!

(All other pictures are taken by me unless otherwise noted.)

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17 thoughts on “diy eye make-up remover :: better than store bought?

  1. I ll definitely try this out. I ve used MAC Borjouis Neutrogena .. nothing is satisfying when it comes to eye makep remover no matter oil based or water based. This one looks promising !

  2. I had to try this out for myself after seeing it several times on Pinterest… I will never use anything else!!! It worked marvelously! Now I have at least a several-month supply, too! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I will most likely be making this soon. I’m actually allergic to some makeup removers, they make my eyes inflamed, blochey and puffy. DIY is definitely for me!

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  5. I made the remover yesterday and tried it for the first time. It was really great!

    But today in the morning the coconut oil (I had to melt it) turned into flakes.

    Do you have an advise, how to avoid this problem?

  6. I use coconut oil all the time for cooking and love it.Tried it on my hair once as a deep conditioning treatment left it on all day and then tried to wash it out it took at least 6 washes to get the super greasy look out of my hair. Any advice because I would like to incorporate coconut oil into my skincare but am concerned about it getting on my hair again although your recipe is watered down a lot? Also with the coconut oil we use it’s solid like butter. Is yours like that? If not how do you prevent it from going that way when you want to apply it to your face?

    • Try using Fractionated Coconut Oil, its less greasy and is a liquid and stays in that state, unlike regular coconut oil that returns to a solid when cool. 🙂

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